Friday, November 19, 2010

Long week

This has been one of those weeks where I am not sure what happened, or where the time went, or who possessed everyone in my house. LOL. My four baby Odie fractures his humerus in his elbow last Friday, and has had to wear a splint all week. Needless to say, HE HATES IT! He has been extra special miserable, and his misery is wearing off on everyone involved. I have been staying up late with him each night so he can sleep on the couch, where I can prop his arm and there is no risk of his four year old brother kicking the crap out of him while they are sleeping. I have not been sleeping hardly at all this week, but oddly enough I have been functioning physically better than before, when I slept for 12 hours a day. Sleep is supposed to help me more, but I think my body got too used to sleeping and just never wanted to wake up. LOL. Something tells me the "adrenaline" of the crazy week will wear off just in time for Thanksgiving, and I will have to drag myself through cooking all that food, and trying to be the cheery holiday addict that I usually am. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS, but it seems that whenever you HAVE to keep it together you do. But as soon as the heavy stress goes away, all of a sudden it all catches up with you and you feel like death. But let's just keep our fingers crossed that that won't happen.

On that note I have lots of good stuff planned for Thanksgiving. I am going to bake an apple pie from scratch, I am going to make lots of cookies, and I am going to start experimenting with the candies I want to make. I am also going to try this really great recipe that I got from the Food Network for home made green bean casserole. That is one dish I usually omit, I never make it in fact. However, this recipe looks GOOD! So, you know me, I gotta try it.

Erik's work is driving me nuts. I pretty much can't stand his Chief. The guy is single and has no clue what life is like outside of the Navy, and with four kids, and you know, LIFE. Very, very, very frustrating. Erik just keeps feeding into it too, I might have to beat them both. LMFAO.

Halloween was a success. The trip to Annapolis to visit John Paul Jones' tomb was also a success. The Halloween party and the pumpkin patch all went very well. The kids were all excited that they got to pick their very own unique pumpkins. They each carved them, and it was funny how their pumpkins matched their personalities. They got more candy then we can eat in a decade. LOL. That plus all the cake and cupcakes Erik's been making lately, we are going to weigh a ton before the holiday's are over.

Tons more to report but no time now. I will write again as soon as I can. :) Happy holidays ya'll! :)