Thursday, April 7, 2011

Isagenix - Week 1

Erik's mom came out to see him before he deployed and brought her new shakes and stuff that she had been using for a while. I totally don't buy into the "miracle cure" or the infommercial like products. But she went on and on about how well it worked, and she felt less pain, and she had more energy, and was losing weight. I don't need to lose weight is my first thought. LOL. BUT, she wanted me to try it and since she had some I said why not. The worst thing that will happen is I will drink it, nothing will happen, she will leave in two days, and I won't ever have to touch it again. LOL So I tried it, and it wasn't that gross at all. And later that day I actually had more energy than I normally do, I wanted to be up and around. It never really occurred to me that it was that, in fact I didn't even really think about it until a week later = now and the last few days.

After she had left Erik and I both found the remainder of the container of shake mix that she "forgot" here. LOL. I knew she left it on purpose, but I was actually happy because now I could give it another chance and could try to disprove my supposed higher energy level the first time. LOL. So skeptical am I. So I made a shake, drank it and although it actually made me have more of an appetite, sure enough later that day I felt more energetic. I was trying to play volleyball with the kids, was up and picking up the house, and found it almost annoying to sit around and do nothing. Weird...... Still not a believer. LOL

So I continued to make shakes for the next three or four days, and felt better. I had less pain, there were actually days that I forgot to take my medication. This last thing is HUGE because I have been living out of some sort of medication bottle since, oh I don't know, SEVEN years ago! I wanted to play with the kids, I wanted to clean the house. Erik and I have been cooking up a storm. I actually have the energy and lack of pain to stand in the kitchen and cook, bake bread, do dishes, and it's all actually fun for me, especially after not getting to do that stuff without some sort of misery, or lightheadedness, or generally uncomfortable feeling of some sort for so long.

Then I ran out the other day. Sad times. I still felt okay the first couple of days. But I was definitely not that energetic, and I had more fatigue. I still did stuff but not nearly as much and by day three I had a migraine again. BUT that was yesterday and I got my order in the mail last night so today I was able to make my shakes and try some of the other vitamins and stuff they offer as well.

Today I had OOBERS of energy. LOL. I drank the "Greens" they offer. Definitely not my favorite thing to consume, and may not continue that one. LOL. But the shake was as always awesome, and I took the vitamins, and I drank this new stuff which is supposed to fill all sorts of gaps as far as vitamins and minerals go. And by the time I got to my doctors appointment I was ready to run a marathon. LOL. It's pretty awesome.

I still check the labels every so often because I am absolutely convinced there has to be something in this stuff that gives you "fake" energy. Whether it's ginseng, or caffeine, or whatever, I don't know, I could swear there has to be something. BUT I"LL BE DARNED IF I CAN FIND ANYTHING! Nothing, not a single fake ingredient anywhere. All vitamins, minerals, things that are good for you that you should be eating or drinking anyway. My whole entire body functions better by ten fold even the very first day I drank it. For someone who has been in pain this long with fistfuls of meds that didn't do anything but dull the fatigue, pain, discomfort, this is insanely exciting. I still have this feeling in the back of my head that it's going to stop being this way, that it is too good to be true, etc. But hopefully, ***fingers crossed*** that won't be for a while at least, if ever.

We will see how it goes in the future. :)

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