Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fibromyalgia Tip of the Day

According to the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center a vital problem to our pain is proper, or should I say, improper body mechanics. They say that we should focus on how we sit, and how we stand to align our bodies, even if it is "painful", it will relieve pain long term.

As a Fibro sufferer I can understand why they would say that. Just the simple task of sitting up straight kills my back. But it is important that we focus on our posture to improve our future pain management.

These are some of their tips for proper posture etiquette:

Standing for Long Periods

* Correct Feet Apart
* Align Ears, Shoulders, Hips
* Slight Bend to your Knees

Sitting for Long Periods

* Correct Shoulders Back & Aligned with Hips
* Hips level with knees
* Upper arms close to the body
* Items within close reach
* Television/Monitor at eye level
* Keyboard at or slightly lower than elbow height
* Lower back support
* Reposition/stand frequently

Proper lifting is to lift with your arms, your back straight, and not bending at the waist.

* Always Remember Do NOT bend at the waist
* Arms close to your body
* Back Straight
* Avoid twisting motions
* Use your abdominal muscles
* Use the power of your leg muscles to lift

If anyone wants to know about Fibromyalgia, or how I deal with it, or things I have learned, please feel free to write to me. If I know the answer I will share, and if I don't I am always open to learning something new in the process of helping you find the answer. :)

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