Friday, September 24, 2010

Home School - The beginning.

So, I got my kids' homeschooling materials a few days ago. I put off unpacking them because I had work to do. But today, Friday, I finally got a chance to unpack it all and sort through it, finding a safe and organized place to put it, and sort of wrap my head around what lies ahead.

BOY, did I underestimate the amount of work I have ahead of me. I wanted to be a teacher growing up, and would love to do it now but don't have time to attend college classes on top of everything else. Also, I wanted to be able to have my kids for the school year and don't trust the neighborhood in which they would have to go to school. SO, homeschooling it is. But as I unpacked all of the materials, workbooks, study guides, lesson books, arts and crafts, science materials, reading, math worksheets, I realized how much is involved with it.

I am, however, SUPER EXCITED! I am so looking forward to spending the extra time with the kids, and being able to have a hands on part in their schooling. I think my biggest concern for me is how much I don't know, and how will that affect my ability to teach them. BUT, I have ample resources online, and the school I went through, Calvert Homeschooling, has EVERYTHING I could possibly need and then some I think. LOL. They have so much stuff and send you so many materials that I would be hard pressed to screw this up. However, I am fully capable of such a blunder. LOL

So on that note, I will be starting their "classes" on Monday. Luckily for me, they are all very excited to start, so at least I won't have to convince them that they want to do it. I think it may end up being the other way around. LOL. Kindergarten will probably be the easiest, but there are SO many books that he has. I think it's good, and he is a terrific learner, but I also have to juggle third grade and fifth grade to boot. Again, I am very excited though :)

Wish me luck! LOL

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