Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Promises - President Obama

President Obama over the Labor Day weekend promised that he is going to pull the troops from Iraq by the end of next year. I can only hope, since I am married to a military man, that this is true. He said he is pulling troops out now, and it will continue until next summer. And that all of the troops, whether there for defense, or support, whatever their job, will be coming home by the end of 2011. I do hope this is true, not only for our economy and the fact that our country needs it's people right now here at home, but also because I have had a hard time wrapping my head around this war. I sit back and listen to how many people have been shot and killed, bombed, etc., and every time I just ask myself why? I know that we are trying to help the Iraqi people to get on their own two feet, I have no problem with that. I just don't understand how we can be worried about them right now when our own country is going under. And I also wonder how we are even ABLE to help them with the limited resources we have for our own people to live on.

That being said, I will be glad when it's over so we can fix our own country, without having to worry about more of our young future being gunned down for another country's problems. I hope that Iraq can succeed once we leave, I don't wish them any harm, or failure, I will just be glad when everyone is home and I can stop worrying about my husband being shipped off for a reason I don't understand fully.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that this is one promise the United States Government keeps. And God Bless all of our Men and Women fighting over there, and let's hope that a year and a half from now is not too late for them.


  1. Crap so i need to rewrite... ugh!
    i deeply agreee with u. i remember how i freaked when i heard that ur hubby was/is down there,oh each day happy to be Swiss and not havin a fightin army, we do have blue helmets tho. our news, which arent censored at all, say that some soldiers could already go home. so it did start!! Thank God. i never understood why the US always is all over the world fightin for others shedding their blood, hurtin their families, to help is finewith me, but all has its limits.

  2. I agree. To answer the question "why", in the U.S. one simply has to follow the money. U.S. actions are driven by corporate interests. Who stands to make money off the deal? There you will find the answer. Since about 1950, U.S. military power, resources, and other assets have been at the beck and call of big business and are used as a tool to further the ends of the corporate interests who call the shots, own the politicians, and the courts.

  3. Yeah, I know it is mostly driven by money. Erik and I have had the debate many times about what good the war is doing. He thinks it is necessary for us to be there because we are trying to help the Iraqi people stand on their own two feet. I could totally agree with that, and have no problem whatsoever.

    However, our country is going under, the economy is totaled, there are no jobs, nor welfare, nor social security for the people who belong here, and we are fighting wars for other countries. It drives me insane.

    I, of course, am supportive for the sake of Erik, and all of the other troops I see, and hear about, the wives who tell their stories of their husbands being deployed, I support them, but it is so hard for me to be supportive of the cause itself. Fighting for a government who doesn't care as long as they get what they want, no matter what the cost, obviously. It is a struggle I have every day within myself, justifying why these kids get shipped off to war all the time. So I am very happy it will be coming to an end soon, at least that's what they say.