Friday, September 3, 2010


So, I was talking with my husband the other day and realized something. We were talking about my kids, and how when I am scolding them for something I inevitably say "I never used to do that when I was a kid". Well, as we were sitting there talking I realized that when I looked back to when I was eight, or ten, it was never even an option to do some of the things they do. I had to grow up faster than most, so when I try to relate to how they behave sometimes it is nearly impossible.

I already kind of knew that, but it never really occurred to me. I have always tried to do things with them differently than things were done with me. Not necessarily because my parents were bad parents, but because I have learned a lot over the years and some of the things, mostly by my mother, that were done when we were kids were not the most productive treatments in the world. LOL But once I actually said it out loud, it made sense why I can't relate to them sometimes.

It's hard to parent when you have nothing to compare it to. Some of the things they do just blow my mind, but I can't relate to them on their level because I have had no experience in that department. I just hope that I don't screw it up. LOL. I think I am doing okay though, but sometimes I just want to scream, or lock myself in the bedroom and never come out. But at least now that it occurs to me that I can't relate to them it is easier for me to take a step back and not get as frustrated with their behavior.

In all honesty though, I have four of the greatest kids ever.

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  1. am sure u do great, just do ur best. thats all u can!! well try to remember how u wanted to be treated when u were young as they are. and be told, kids nowadays are worse than we were, no matter education or parents...its the time, the wars, the school systems,,, just watch what is on tv already in the afternoon. horrid what they can see then. just hug them enough and tell them that u love them no matter what