Wednesday, October 24, 2012

First Day

The first day of work was way easy. I know it's the calm before the storm, so I'm not thinking that the easy will continue. However, I don't want it to be easy. I want it to be a challenge, hard, keep me on my toes, I want to push myself and push my crew and have fun trying to achieve bigger and better things. So easy is not what I want. I'm super excited about this position though. It's so me. And the woman who interviewed me and pulled strings to get me hired said that she is so excited that I got the job, and she was super supportive. I'm just excited all around. I love a good challenge. And this will definitely be a challenge. And I get to learn lots of new stuff, and I get to compete throughout the district, it's so awesome. I'll be house hunting soon. I already started but need a paycheck before I can proceed. There were lots of places open though. None of them were very expensive either, which is great. I hate house hunting though, and I hate moving even more. But it will be good to get my own place, I'm gonna decorate it all cute, and hopefully find a place fairly close to my job. The only downside to renting is I can't paint and such without getting prior consent. But renting definitely has it's perks. And maybe if I'm lucky I'll find a place with an awesome landlord who will let me do stuff to it, that would be even better. I still want my dream house that I picked out for my ex and I. That's if he and his daddy don't try to buy it first just to screw me, but luckily I don't think I actually showed it to him so he doesn't know which one it is. Good thing too. LOL. His dad is sneaky like that. What's funny is I left this place because of all the meddling. And it turns out that even when they are 50 something, they still don't stop meddling. Sigh. I get so tired of people passing judgment, and acting like they are better than everyone else, and talking about people and situations they don't even know anything about, and backstabbing, and two faced crap, it gets so old. I wish people cared more about people instead of paychecks and what year car they drive. It's so stupid. Now if only my ex would stop being an uncooperative child, and we could get back to even talking like people, life would be perfect. But as long as his dad is treating him like the bad kid that he treated him like as a child, he won't snap out of it. So the odds of him talking to me like an adult are slim to none, but it sounds good. I wish people had the ability to look at things objectively like I do. I can step back and sever all emotion and evaluate a situation as it needs to be evaluated, but not many people can do that. And it makes situations like this nearly impossible to get through.

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